Video honoring Rich and increasing awareness of FTD

Rich and bv FTD (Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Degeneration)

Hi Everyone,
I know I have needed to do some more posts in my blog. I’m sorry, but FTD has become a huge issue of time, exhaustion and uncertainty. I made this video because something really cool happened:

I got into my car and my iPhone switched over to my bluetooth receiver. Sometimes it starts playing the audible book I’m listening to at the moment. This time it started playing a song. I thought, “That’s weird. I haven’t listened to my music on my phone is ages. Why would music come on?” The song that started play, from the beginning, was “Am I Crazy” by Rebecca Lavelle. I sat there and listened to it and sobbed. It felt as though my father, who died in 2009 from complications of Alzheimer’s disease, my grandmother and grandfather and other loved ones who had died, were surrounding me and “giving” me this song. I felt as though I was being told, “We see you. We get it that this is difficult and we are holding you.” It was as though I was being embraced in profound love and support. After I cried for quite awhile, I drove home. I immediately started working on the video attached to this blog post. I wanted to honor Rich and all he means to me… to our family… as well as get some information out there about Frontotemporal Degeneration. The second song on the video is also by Rebecca Lavelle and it is called “Never Enough.”

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2 Responses to Video honoring Rich and increasing awareness of FTD

  1. Rose Nobili says:

    Wow? That was the most beautiful and touching video I have ever watched. Patty you and your family are amazing. The love you share is very touching. Your family is always in my prayers.

  2. Ellen says:

    This was absolutely beautiful to watch and also painful. My brother has lost so many emotions but is very content. For that I am thankful. I hate this effing disease.

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