Many people have been asking me why I haven’t posted anything on the blog in awhile. I’ve been giving that some thought and decided it is because I am working hard at accepting the “new normal.”

The irony of the “new normal” is that it is way beyond the stresses of the average family. When a friend or colleague asks, “how are things going with Rich?” I usually answer, “we are hangin’ in there… adjusting to the ‘new normal.'” (In my head I sometimes think, “my life would kill the average bear.” … insert a weak laugh here.)

I have already written about what this new normal looks like, so I don’t need to go into it again. Just know that this is a tribute to the human spirit that we can learn to withstand that which does not kill us. Prisoners of War have given testimony to this, as have people with horrendous chronic pain. Or like Rich, people trapped within their own brain disease. It does not mean it is easy or fun. It just means we have no other choice but to adapt… to the “new normal.”

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